Darin Klein & Friends Present: Louis M. Schmidt + 'Zine Fest 2009!

November 14
‘Zine Fest 2009!
In keeping with Louis's 'zinemaking practice (he spent the last week creating 3 brand new 'zines!), we hosted local ‘zine makers and independent publishers who showcased and sold their wares. We inserted cardboard boxes into Louis's cityscape sculptures and used them to display the 'zines. Participants included Eden Batki, Rich Bott, Ted Chung, Cathy de la Cruz, Micki Davis, Robin Eisenberg, Encyclopedia Destructica & Christopher Kardambikis, eohippus labs, Eve Fowler, Aaron Guerrero, Darin Klein, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Joshua Ploeg, Christopher Russell, Louis M. Schmidt, Jen Smith, Sumi Ink Club (Luke Fischbeck & Sarah Rara), Sweaterqueens, and Elysa Voshell. Plus: many people created work on the spot to contribute to an as-yet-untitled 'zine using markers, glue, scissors and collage materials. We'll distribute this 'zine on November 28, along with an all new issue of Louis's Move Along People Nothing To Feel Here.

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