Darin Klein & Friends Present: Suzanne Wright Viewing Party/Closing Reception + DJs Rich Bott & Kelly Eginton

Cockpit (work in progress), colored pencil on paper, 84x156"

Recent work, installation view

Recent work, installation view

Sketches, drawings, collages

The traxxx!

The crowd

April 24
Viewing Party/Closing Reception
+ DJs Rich Bott & Kelly Eginton

A good sized crowd came out to celebrate the conclusion of Suzanne’s residency at Amy’s studio. We’ve spent the last month communing with, looking at, thinking about and highlighting different configurations of Suzanne’s work, all the while enjoying the talents of our friends and peers with a full schedule of public programs. Tonight was really all about people engaging in dialogues with the artist and one another about the gorgeous new installation of Suzanne’s recent work. Oh, I almost forgot mention, WE PARTIED HARD with an insanely diverse and somewhat obscure music playlist, all on actual vinyl records, courtesy of DJs Rich Bott and Kelly Eginton!

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