Do Anything Featuring Darin Klein & Friends

July 13-August 12, 2012

Space 4 Art
325 15th Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-4pm

Bettie Breitweiser, The Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality and Encyclopedia Destructica, Juliacks, Justseeds, Darin Klein, Ed Luce, Ed Piskor, Louis M. Schmidt, Tom Scioli, Mary Tremonte, and Unicorn Mountain

Curated by Christopher Kardambikis

Installation view:
From the Collection of Darin Klein
Wallpaper (Queer), 1960s - 2012, ongoing
Photocopies of Artists’ Books, Catalogues, Chapbooks, Comix, Magazines and ‘Zines
Dimensions variable

Installation view:
From the Collection of Darin Klein
Less Than a Quarter, 1980s - 2012, ongoing
Artists’ Books, Chapbooks, Comix, Magazines, Multiples and ‘Zines
Dimensions variable

Works in the vitrine: Salvation Is Real To Those Who Will Pay For It, anonymous | Sickest Pokes, anonymous | Untitled, Sonja Ahlers | Five Dicks the Charm, Mari Araki | How I Get My Iron, Bexx | How I Get My Protein, Bexx | Clint Flicker, Drew Brandiron | Hee! Ivan Brunetti | Four, Sarah Cain | Untitled, Dallas Clayton | Magiczine #1, Jef Diesel | Magiczine #3, Jef Diesel | Magiczine #4, Jef Diesel | Steps to a Perfect Terrine, Jef Diesel | Add to Add, Jef Diesel | Anti Joke Zine, Jef Diesel | Hallo We’en Zine, Jef Diesel | Murd’r, Jef Diesel | I Take the Dice: The Worldly Wisdom of Simon LeBon, Dan Din | Cry Me a River, Chantale Doyle | Sock Monkey vs. The Demons, Chantale Doyle | GAYLORD PHOENIX: Fast Action HOMO-“erotic” love powder, Edie Fake | Bermuda Pantaloons, Evah Fan | Ay Chomike Boek, Danielle Frohlich | $1 Story: The Cyclist, Jessica Lee Garrison | $1 Story: Down, Jessica Lee Garrison | $1 Story: Russia, Jessica Lee Garrison | $1 Story: Untitled, Jessica Lee Garrison | $1 Story: Xmas, Jessica Lee Garrison | Handy and Army, Stefan Gruber | Curtains, Carrie F. Hansen | Military Alphabet, Guthrie Hennessey | There is Someone for Everyone, James Heiser | Bearded Types, Nadine Faye James | Alive, Jo Jackson | Flourish, Jo Jackson | Soviet Psychics Discover Jeremy Armstrong and Camille Claudel Behind an Iron Curtain, Jo Jackson | Untitled (Cootie Catcher, America), Jo Jackson | Untitled (Cootie Catcher, Birds), Jo Jackson | Untitled (Cootie Catcher, Sex), Jo Jackson | How to be a Good Library Patron, Jerianne | The Principals of Abstract Composition, Chris Kenny | Glitter Gaybies, Tommy Kovac | Hey Stranger, Stephanie Kulick | The Managerial Guide to Beating Workers into Submission, Kyle | How to Be an Expert, Jenny LeBlanc | Lick Me I’m Sick, Marlene McCarty | Pretend I’m a Big Blonde, Marlene McCarty | Buy America’s Strongest Deodorant, John McNally | Torrential Rains, John McNally | King Cocoon, John McNally | One Ton Stone, John McNally | Oh, Pioneer, Lucas Michael | Word on the Street in Modern America, Travis M. Millard | Word on the Street in Modern America Number Two, Travis M. Millard | InstruMental, Mission Mini Comix | The Lighter Side of Self Destruction, Mission Mini Comix | Negative Prophet, Mission Mini Comix | We are the 99%, Mission Mini Comix | If God Were Alive, And He is, You Could See Him on Castro Street, James Mitchell | When in Rain, Brendan Monroe | Ice Cream, Cindy Gretchen O. | Antonio, Paco y Manolo | Juan Manuel, Paco y Manolo | Rodolfo, Paco y Manolo | Large Witch Noses, Gary Panter | Monster Box #1, Lark Pien & Thien Pham | Monster Box #2, Lark Pien & Thien Pham | 11 Limericks, Mernie Lee Plested | Blades Ze Magazene 41, Francis Poole | Blades Ze Magazene 42, Francis Poole | Blades Ze Magazene 44, Francis Poole | Liz Taylor’s Husbands, Karyn Raz | Ten Little Books, Stephen Remington | Meet the Mysterious Cat Lady, Christopher Russell | The Monster that Ate Stars, Souther Salazar | Your New Religion: Book One, Joe Sayers | Your New Religion: Book Two, Joe Sayers | The Last Saturday of 2000, Dave Schubert | How to Make Money, Scoot | Beloved Object. An Excerpt, Part 1, Paul Mpagi Sepuya | Bedroom Portraits, Paul Mpagi Sepuya | Women of Action #2, Rebecca Stees | The Beautiful, Michelle Tea | Cuffs and Collars, Daria Tessler | Regarding Certain Stalwart Integers: A Primer, Cleveland Wall | Unlovable #1: Fat Mini, Esther Pearl Watson | Narcotic Signature, Thomas Wiloch | Never Seen, Dale Wittig | The Dream and Lie of George W., Dale Wittig | Pictures and Words, Anna Wolf

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