Kevin Killian. Tagged: Arnold, 2012. Color photograph. 

Gravity and Trajectory (GR//TR) is pleased to announce a Book Release Party for

Tagged: Variations on a Theme by Kevin Killian
GR//TR, Volume 4

Saturday, January 12, 2013 

Needles and Pens
3253 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 255-1534

Free admission

In person: Kevin Killian, Darin Klein and GR//TR (Christopher Kardambikis and Louis M. Schmidt). Plus short readings by Tagged subjects Tom Comitta, Andrew Kenower, M. Kitchell, and Ronald Palmer.

Don’t miss the unveiling of renowned Bay Area author and playwright Kevin Killian’s very first publication of photographic works. Twenty-four full-color pages highlight Killian’s ongoing photo project focusing on his artist and writer peers—each posing with a drawing of male genitalia by artist Raymond Pettibon—and are introduced by an enlightening essay from Rob Halpern.

First Edition, January 2013. One-Hundred and Fifty copies, Twenty-Six of which have been lettered A - Z and signed by Kevin Killian. Lettered copies are accompanied by a fold-out poster/dust jacket, and a mini fold-out booklet featuring a poem by Kevin Killian and artwork by Tagged subject Elijah Burgher. Handmade and independently produced by GR//TR in Los Angeles, California. Guest curated by Darin Klein. 

Gravity and Trajectory is an opportunity for artists and curators to explore the specifics of exhibiting artwork within the book format, the page that is the gallery wall.

$20.00 - Tagged: Variations on a Theme by Kevin Killian
$40.00 - Tagged: Variations on a Theme by Kevin Killian (Lettered and Signed Deluxe Edition)

Contact: gravityandtrajectory@gmail.com

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