Darin Klein & Friends Present: Box of Books, Vol. VII

Frontispiece for Box of Books, Vol. VII. Thanks to my pal and past Box of Books participantChristopher Kardambikis for helping me acheive my graphic goals!

Alright! It's official! All 23 books for the new volume are in. Now all we need is for lots of people to come see us at LA Art Book Fair. If you're interested in getting your hands on a box, but can't make it to the fair, drop a line and we'll work it out: darinklein.la@gmail.com 

Phil Davis, Nicholas Sung, Brian Villanueva Mendez

Center spread from Brian Villanueva Mendez's Successful Missionary

Amelia Ishmael, Adam Villacin, Content is Relative

Daniel Dallabrida, Bruno Fazollari, Dandy Industries

Peter Cochrane, Ursen Black, Christina Tsui

Box of Books, Vol. VII highlight: Anvil by Ursen Black. At 13, he's the youngest Box of Books contributor so far. Besides being a kick-ass artist, which you can see from his book, he's a great guy and we've got a special relationship - I introduced his parents! Now he even has a little brother, Jasper. Perhaps little bro can make a book for the project in 10 or so years. Stay tuned for further developments.

Anvil by Ursen Black

Anvil by Ursen Black

Anvil by Ursen Black

Anvil by Ursen Black

Anvil by Ursen Black. I've given the fold-out poster a caption: "Hi! I'm made out of bats."

Anvil by Ursen Black.

When Ursen was 11 and super into sea creatures, I got this tattoo of one of his drawings.

Ursen's sea creatures tattooed on my leg.

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