Box of Books + more @ LA Art Book Fair 2016

IPlease come see us in the zine section of the LA Art Book Fair! Hot off the press is Box of Books, Vol. IX, a collaboration between Tiny Splendor and Darin Klein & Friends. Also available will be 2 Bag Pile-Up, a split photo zine by Darin Klein and Louis M Schmidt, and 3-Pack Jack, a collaborative set of three zines documenting a recent series of queer performance nights at the Akbar in LA.

Box of Books, VOl. IX 
Artwork and 2-color screen print on pink pastry boxes by Kenneth Srivijittakar

Box of Books, Vol. IX
Insert card with artists' names by Saana Khan

Snapshot: Christopher Russell's backside
Also on view at Darin Klein & Friends' booth at LAABF:
Christopher Russell
Aftermath #22, 2014
Pigment print scratched with razor, spray paint, OP3 plexiglas scratched with razor
16 x 20 inches

 Snapshot: Louis M Schmidt's backside

Snapshot: sweaterqueens' backside

Snapshot: Caroline Paquita

Snapshot: Elijah Burgher

Also on view at Darin Klein & Friends' booth at LAABF:
Elijah Burgher
BotD (black), 2015
Acrylic on canvas dropcloth
102 x 69 inches