Autobiography Club & After Life

One of three different cover designs for After Life

"Our memories are not fixed or static. They are dynamic, reflecting selves that are constantly changing." 
- Hirokazu Kore-Eda

Participants: Paul Christian, Michele S. Cohen, Von Curtis, Mayda del Valle, Luis Flores, Paolo Lee Gallego, Jules Gimbrone, Elisa Pooper Harkins, Kate Kendall, Clay Kerrigan, Ali Kherdyar, Jihyun Kim, Kang Seung Lee, Sarah Alexandra Leslie, Dana Lsubičić, Lúcia Prancha, GS, Laura Schawelka, T. M. Semrad, Carmello Brian Valone, Elizabeth Webb, Emerson Whitney, and many others who wish to remain anonymous

Edition of 100
Spring 2014

Organized by Darin Klein at CalArts

Publication workshop with the AUTOBIOGRAPHY CLUB:
Performing Life / Michael Ned Holte
Experiments in Autobiography / Maggie Nelson
The Curious Art of Autobiography / Abigail Severance
Graphic Design Walking Diary Club / Gail Swanlund

After Life is collaborative, all-inclusive publication project. Participants each created 100 copies of their own page, and we all collated and stapled it together as a group. This publication was inspired by the wonderful film After Life by Hirokazu Kore-Eda. In the film, deceased people must make a short film about one memory from their life in order to graduate to the afterlife, taking only that film with them to watch for eternity.

Thanks to Gail Swanlund for inviting me to speak at CalArts and for her enthusiasm about this workshop and publication. 

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