Darin Klein & Friends Present: Louis M. Schmidt + Move Along People Nothing To Feel Here #5

November 28
‘Zine release party.
Move Along People Nothing to Feel Here #5. Louis successfully pulled off the production of a brilliant new issue of his ongoing 'zine amidst the hustle of creating several new large-scale works on paper and hosting events four weekends in a row. Also on view were a new selection of hand-painted canvas tote bags which sold like hotcakes. Free with any purchase was the 'Zine Fest 2009! Commemorative 'Zine that attendees of our November 14 event helped to create. Anyone with a keen eye for observation would have noticed that the menacing cityscape made from cardboard boxes and spraypaint had grown almost to the 12' high studio ceiling. DJ Trickmilla (aka Patrick Miller) set the perfect mood playing an eclectic mix of vinyl all night. The power of the Cornhole was felt by many, and since we still had the game at the studio from the November 21 event, an impromptu mini-tournament was played out.

November 29
Special Sunday viewing hours: 12-6pm.
We spent the afternoon reflecting on the past month, welcoming friends and strangers alike who dropped by to celebrate Louis's work.


Darin Klein & Friends Present: Louis M. Schmidt + Cornhole Tournament

November 21
Cornhole Tournament.
We had a blast at this unauthorized, non-sanctioned, high-impact sidewalk game among friends. A fall chill was in the air as Louis measured and marked off the court. The platforms that Louis and classmate Vince Manganello made and often use at the Visual Arts Facility at UCSD were freshly painted with sharp looking racing stripes. As the first guests arrived, we were heating apple cider with allspice, cardamom, cinnamon and orange slices on the campstove (thanks Ananias!). We even made stovetop JiffyPop, which brought back fond childhood memories of sitting in front of the big, clunky VHS machine with my family to watch rented movies. The first cornbag tossers got the games started and it went nonstop until 10pm. Champions were challenged, challengers became champions. Cornbags were declared dirty for touching the ground before hitting the platform. Cries of defeat and victory were sounded in the night. Meanwhile, Louis snuck back into the studio to install two brand new large scale drawings. Still not sure what cornhole is? Check out http://www.playcornhole.org/index.php


Darin Klein & Friends Present: Louis M. Schmidt + 'Zine Fest 2009!

November 14
‘Zine Fest 2009!
In keeping with Louis's 'zinemaking practice (he spent the last week creating 3 brand new 'zines!), we hosted local ‘zine makers and independent publishers who showcased and sold their wares. We inserted cardboard boxes into Louis's cityscape sculptures and used them to display the 'zines. Participants included Eden Batki, Rich Bott, Ted Chung, Cathy de la Cruz, Micki Davis, Robin Eisenberg, Encyclopedia Destructica & Christopher Kardambikis, eohippus labs, Eve Fowler, Aaron Guerrero, Darin Klein, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Joshua Ploeg, Christopher Russell, Louis M. Schmidt, Jen Smith, Sumi Ink Club (Luke Fischbeck & Sarah Rara), Sweaterqueens, and Elysa Voshell. Plus: many people created work on the spot to contribute to an as-yet-untitled 'zine using markers, glue, scissors and collage materials. We'll distribute this 'zine on November 28, along with an all new issue of Louis's Move Along People Nothing To Feel Here.


Darin Klein & Friends Present: Louis M. Schmidt + Beach Jazz Noir performance by Rich Bott

November 7
Opening night! Louis spent the week installing a massive black hole voidspace, creating large-scale drawings of despondent humans and assembling a modular cityscape in cardboard and spraypaint. Rich Bott performed Beach Jazz Noir to a packed house. The performance was a live audio visual chronicle of toe rings, day cruises, sea food restaurants, landlocked artificial island suburbs, the cries of seagulls, scuba dogs, shells, tanning zones, specialty coffee drinks and cell phones in tandem, lighthouses and more. Check out more of his work here: http://www.animalcharm.com/