May 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, 2013
Doors at 7:30pm
Performance at 8pm

Mack Sennett Studios
1215 Bates St.
Silverlake, CA 90029

KTCHN is an evening length, fully immersive performance experience directed and choreographed by Ryan Heffington and inspired by the artwork of Nolan Hendrickson. This event bridges the gap between a Broadway musical, fine art exhibit, a fashion show, and a dance party.

Dancers: Tara Brook, Nina McNeely, Jasmine Albuquerque, Kristen Leahy, Melissa Schade, Denna Thomsen, Hunter Hamilton, Marlo Pelayo, Zak Schlegel and Ryan Heffington.

Produced by Allison Karman
Set Design: Nolan Hendrickson
Art Direction: Adrian Gilliland
Costumes: Mindy LeBrock
Make up: Will Lemon
Hair: Yuya Takahashi
Photos: Daniel Trese
Video: Nathan Kim

We'd love for you to be a part of the magic.
Email a snapshot of your face to: KTCHNcontact@gmail.com

Darin Klein & Friends Present:
KTCHN Cookbook
$20 Regular / $50 Deluxe

Produced on the occasion of Ryan Heffington’s KTCHN


1. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION - Commissioned essay by Shoghig Halajian; Intro to Ryan Heffington, Nolan Hendrickson & Mack Sennett Studios; Mash-up artwork by Nolan Hendrickson/Ryan Heffington. Full-color, double-sided fold-out zine/poster.

2. SOME STARS - Historic imagery and partial list of past Mack Sennett Studios clients and projects. Full-color, double-sided fold-out zine/poster.

3. THE FOURTH HORSEMAN IS MISSING - Photographs taken deep within the private inner chambers of Mack Sennett Studios by Louis M. Schmidt. Black and white, 32 pages, 1/2 size zine.

4. EAT ME, DRINK ME - Absurd recipes for a banal existence. Full-color, double-sided fold-out zine/poster.

5. PREP WORK - Costumes: Mindy LeBrock; Make up: Will Lemon; Hair: Yuya Takahashi; Photos: Daniel Trese; Original set sketch by Nolan Hendrickson. Full-color, double-sided fold-out zine/poster.

6. SPRINKLES - Commissioned poetry by Jim Schatz in response to the artwork of Nolan Hendrickson. Full-color, Party Store / Bakery Aisle packaging (somewhere between confetti and cupcake decor); text printed on non-edible, multicolored "sprinkles".

7. THE INSPIRATION - Artwork by Nolan Hendrickson. Full-color, double-sided fold-out zine/poster.

First edition of two hundred copies.

Twenty Deluxe copies are accompanied by a full-color KTCHN COOKBOOKMARK and are presented in a custom fabric sleeve printed with a reproduction of Nolan Hendrickson’s artwork and a soft sculpture hand-painted by Nolan Hendrickson.

Layout and design by Christopher Kardambikis and Darin Klein, except THE FOURTH HORSEMAN IS MISSING by Louis M. Schmidt. Production assistance: Allison Karman.

Available at KTCHN performances while supplies last. Contact darinklein.la@gmail.com if you can’t attend but are interested in purchasing.