Darin Klein & Friends Present: Original Plumbing #3 Release Party

Darin Klein & Friends Present
Original Plumbing #3 Release Party
Saturday, July 10 2010
8:30pm reception
9:30pm films and performances
An OUTFEST/Platinum Party
REDCAT Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater
631 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Butchlalis de Panochtitlan
Cosa Rara (exerpt)
Cast members: Claudia Rodriguez, Marianna Marroquin
Cosa Rara (Strange Thing) is a romantic comedy with a queer, cross-cultural, transgender spin. Jacqui, a butch Chicana lesbian falls in love with Katrina, an immigrant Salvadoran transgender woman. It isn't long before the complexities of attraction, sex, and gender open up to the hot-button issue of marriage. Butchlalis de Panochtitlan, or BdP for short, is a trio comprised of Mari Garcia, Raquel Gutierrez and Claudia Rodriguez. This Los Angeles-based multimedia performance ensemble renders cartographies of desire, identity, and localized histories on the bodies they walk in as they perform themselves, each other, imagined characters and caricatures. BdP emerged from community based activist spaces to create visibility around politicized identities and the limitations in identity politics within a Los Angeles-centric context. Their work also touches on the humor and irreverence found in the everyday lives of gender minorities and outlaws living in the 20th and 21st century.

Lost Lake
Zackary Drucker & Van Barnes, 2010
Filmed at the peak of autumn foliage in a rural Midwestern US locale, this non-narrative collaboration posits beauty and fear as inextricable from the psyche of the American landscape. Contemplative moments and stunning vistas are jarringly punctuated with the vocabularies of witch-hunts, hate crimes and psychological violence. Edited by Martha Windahl. Zackary Drucker has performed and screened films at venues including The Hammer Museum, LACE, Outfest, Redcat, and Steve Turner Contemporary, all in Los Angeles. Her previous film collaboration with Van Barnes, You will never be a woman… (2008), screened at Acuna-Hansen Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as festivals in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Math Bass, 2010
A weighted, hanging trophy topples a brick wall. Math Bass has recorded and toured as one half of the performance duo Marriage, contributed to the journal LTTR and has been featured in exhibitions including Shared Women at LACE in Los Angeles, and The Way That We Rhyme at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Having moved to LA to collaborate with feminist inventors, Math most recently blew our minds with amazing gastronomical skills as one half of International Brunch as well as performing at Women Together… Fantastic! (WTF!).

Stick, Stick, Stuck
Eden Batki & Daniela Sea, 2010
A woman navigates the aftermath of a recently pruned and bare bed of rose bushes. Despite being snagged, stuck, and torn, she finds unexpected moments of solace and stillness. During this performative struggle, the line between resistance and acceptance wavers. Edited by Martha Windahl, performed by Dawn Kasper. Eden Batki and Daniela Sea live and work in Los Angeles and the world.

Falling in Love... With Chris and Greg Episode #3: Food!
Chris Vargas & Greg Youmans, 2010
A situation comedy about a gay odd couple, one liberal, one radical; one transgendered, one not. They don't have a whole lot in common, but somehow they manage. In this third episode, the pair's conflicting body issues threaten to tear their love apart. The Falling in Love... series has screened at Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, CA; Homo-a-Go Go @ ATA, Frameline #33 and #34, and K’vetsh Queer Open Mic, all in San Francisco; Hamburg Int’l Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany; BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, London, UK; Outfest, Los Angeles; and MIX NYC, New York, NY.

Katastrophe (Photo by Allison Michael Orenstein)
Original Plumbing Assistant Editor Rocco Kayiatos is a San Francisco based rapper and producer under the name Katastrophe. He's a seasoned vet on the mic and got his start competing in poetry slams in 1997. Combining his love of music and language, he started rapping and making beats in 2002. He uses his poetic grasp of language to weave dense tales of lives lived outside the mainstreams of education, gender, and culture.

Hi Fashion $9.99
Committed to costume, make-up, and spectacle, Hi-Fashion $9.99 explores the creation of identity in a pop music idiom. Dependent upon incorporating anyone interested in performing into the work, each piece becomes a relationship between construction, coincidence, instinct, and direction. By inviting the audience to collaborate, the work blurs the line between spectator and performer, thereby offering all involved an opportunity for a visceral and primal experience. They have thrilled audiences at LACE in Los Angeles and Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica.

The Miracle Bookmobile
Operated out of Kelly Besser's Jeep with the help of friendly volunteers, The Miracle Bookmobile offers free reading materials with an emphasis on queer publications, books in EspaƱol and "anything that can be Xeroxed and prepared for mass consumption". Besser and co-conspirators aim to keep it free, so donations of books and zines are welcome. The Miracle has made Los Angeles appearances at events and institutions including the Municipal Art Gallery and Sea & Space Explorations.

Selling like hotcakest at the merch table in the REDCAT lobby during the pre-show reception: Katastrophe's "The Worst Amazing" CD and t-shirts and all three issues of Original Plumbing magazine plus OP t-shirts, buttons and stickers.