Darin Klein & Friends Present: Kate Barclay + Live Music by Ben and Bruno & Catchy Gory

Untitled, 40x63". Pencil on Duralar, 2009

Wall Storm, 20x25". Pen, colored pencil, acrylic, photos on Duralar, 2009

Ben and Bruno

Catchy Gory

February 27
Live music by Ben and Bruno + Catchy Gory

Since 2003, Ben and Bruno (more recently "BB") has released five albums and an assortment of EPs and collaborations. For this performance we heard a stripped-back set, including songs from the forthcoming album Marcescant. Ben and Bruno is based on the story of a character named Benjamin and his boyhood dog, Bruno. The songs follow Benjamin from childhood to adulthood through a saga of abduction, marriage, divorce and visions of death. www.myspace.com/benandbrunomusic

Since 2004, Catchy Gory has released five albums and has performed at venues including Backyard Campfire in Albuquerque, NM and Colonial Tavern in Fredericksburg, VA. As a minstrel of rousing dreamy ballads, for this performance we heard from Catchy Gory six new tales of fortune in a 'suburban folk' style. www.myspace.com/catchygory

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