Darin Klein & Friends Present: Original Plumbing #2 Release Party

Ayden from OP #2 photographed by Amos Mac

Khane from OP #2 photographed by Amos Mac

Rocco: He doesn't just work on OP, he also modeled for the first issue! Photo by Amos Mac

Mustache Station!

From our screening of short films: Fish: A Matrilineage of Cunty White Woman Realness by Zackary Drucker

16mm film loop installations: Rhys Ernst (R) and Mariah Garnett (L)


OP #2

Despite the rain, approximately 200 people came out to workspace for the release of the 2nd issue of Original Plumbing magazine. A diverse crowd of all genders and many variations of self-representation were there, and throughout the evening people expressed their appreciation for being recognized and celebrated. The look of wonder on many people’s faces would hint that the underserved trans community is really happy to have spaces like this created. Everyone was pleased to have filmmakers Silas Howard and John Cameron Mitchell among the attendees.

Upon entering workspace, visitors were greeted by Amos Mac who was surrounded by an exhibition of his photographic portraits of subjects from past, present and future issues of Original Plumbing. Amos personally sold about 60 copies of issue #2 while chatting with fans and friends.

Heading into the back of the space, loads of people were busy at the Mustache Station all evening, where Jenn Kolmel and Kate Hoffman encouraged people to partner up and assist one another in applying fantastical facial hair creations. The results ranged from fairly realistic five o’clock shadows, goatees and mustaches to glittery synthetic mystery wisps, or feather sideburns and fake fur chest hair. Austin Young took pics all night which you can view here.

Meanwhile, the 16mm film loop installations by Rhys Ernst and Mariah Garnett were playing side by side against the back wall. A short video screening had to be cycled through twice, so that we could empty out the packed back room and usher in a second round of visitors who wanted to see the videos. We showed The Stroke by Austin Young and Barry Pett, Fish: A Matrilineage of Cunty White Woman Realness by Zackary Drucker, Drumstick by Deanna Erdman and Darin Klein (that's me!), and finished it off with Baby Got Front, a Jackie Beat video by Austin Young.

10pm rolled around, and I was sorry to have to shut the event down (a girl can't stay all night, can she?). I did pop in for a nightcap at the Akbar where I spotted many familiar faces sporting faux facial hair (Hi JP Craft Captain and your awesome friends!). Looking back on the night, it's obvious that we'll have to organize another event for the next issue of Original Plumbing. Stay tuned...

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