Darin Klein & Friends Present: Kate Barclay

Darin Klein & Friends return to Amy Adler’s Echo Park studio with recent work by Los Angeles based artist Kate Barclay. Kate will be exhibiting works that demonstrate both the beauty of chaos and the labor of lyricism. Collage, as a medium and as a concept, plays a vital role in Kate’s work. “I increase the size of the in between, stretching it, inflating it,” writes the artist in her catalog for Rawhang Teewang, a recent solo exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand. And, “I am focused on the moment of most potential in an object or a site, when there is a movement or a transition from one form to another.” The result of her observations is the documentation, prediction or fabrication of the outcomes to obvious and/or barely perceived movements.

Hosting community-driven get-togethers and educating and learning from friends and strangers remain integral parts of this experiment. Temporarily re-purposing the studio of an already established artist to give emerging artists a platform for the expression of their own ideas, we invite you to attend our scheduled series of programs featuring artists and peers using vocabularies complementary to Kate’s.

Kate Barclay
Kate Barclay graduated with a BA in Visual Art from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004 and completed her MFA at the University of California, San Diego in 2008. Her work has been featured in local group exhibitions at Black Dragon Society, Fox Studios, LACE and LACMA Lab. In 2008, she was an artist in residence at Bangkok University, which culminated in her solo exhibition there.

Amy Adler
Amy Adler currently lives and works in Los Angeles and is Associate Professor of Visual Art at the University of California San Diego. www.amyadler.com

Darin Klein
Collaborating with an ever-expanding network of friends, Darin Klein curates and organizes exhibitions and arts programming, simultaneously producing, collecting and promoting artists’ publications and independent media. Darin is the Programs Coordinator at the Hammer Museum, where he also curated his first museum exhibition, Hammer Projects: Christopher Russell (January – April 2009). www.darinklein.net

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  1. Hi there, Do you have a contact for Kate Barclay. I would love to purchase one of her pieces. I can contact you directly too.

    Thank you!